Civil Union of Rome, Francesco Russotto Wedding photo shoot in Rome
Civil Wedding in Rome : Paolo e Angelo

Location : Campidoglio Sala Rossa


I advise you to look at the photos by activating the sound track below.

Photos of the bride and groom’s preparation in Rome

Here we are at the wedding photo report with civil union in Sala Rossa del Campidoglio in Rome by Paolo and Angelo.
For me this is the service that closes the season, of a particularly complicated year from both a personal and a working point of view.

With Paolo and Angelo, we met via Skype, because the pandemic did not give us much room for meetings.
Furthermore, these two newlyweds, always for the same reason, had to give up the reception with great fanfare.

They haven’t given up on their marriage though, because in the end, the most important thing is getting married! In addition, they still decided that they wanted to capture all the moments of their day through photos, from preparation to the walk.

So, here I am with them early in the morning, ready to tell their special day 🙂

Note the instructions to close the lift … brilliant!


Although for most of the times in which I have configured myself for the wedding I have heard Paolo, Angelo welcomes me at the door.



Although for most of the times in which I have configured myself for the wedding I have heard Paolo, Angelo welcomes me at the door.


Everything is ready and in the right place.


Paolo is in full preparation with his Hair Stylist.


Since the first call on Skype, Di Paolo has been impressed by his good eyes, his education and praiseworthy precision.


Everything goes on normally, between continuous jokes between Paolo and Angelo :-).


I still take a few strolls around the house and I come across the invitations and confetti that the couple have assembled by hand.
For some time now (I also did the same at my wedding for example), it is customary that together with the sugared almonds, seeds are also given to plant (in this case present directly inside the paper, on the card and inside of the sheets inside the package.


Angelo is embarrassed by the photos, but fortunately he is always smiling and it is his smile that has impressed me, since the first Skype call we made.




Paolo has finished his hair and in the blink of an eye wears his shirt. 


Now it’s Angelo’s turn.


At the same time, Paul moves forward in the preparation.


To help him, Paolo’s uncle …




… his uncle and his nice wife.





Una boccata di aria fresca.



… you go back inside to check Angelo.




Angelo too has finished his hair.




Always in the blink of an eye, Angelo also wears the shirt.




Now, the two future newlyweds help each other.













It’s a little late, we really go out for a minute to take 2 shots.



It is time for us to go out.



The civil ceremony in the Red room of the Capitol

Fortunately, the sun is out, the day is cold, as is normal in December, but the sun makes everything sweeter and a bright red sports car awaits our two future spouses.


We know Roman traffic. We no longer notice it, but Rome always has that metropolitan charm that makes it unique in its kind. It takes a while to get there, but the view of the monuments and the streets makes the journey pleasant.


Thanks to a special permit, we are able to get very close to the reception venue.



We arrive on time on one of the most beautiful views of the Imperial Forums. Every time I arrive in this place, I am ecstatic. Rome is a unique city in the world, a view like this makes you breathless!


The two future spouses told me that the Piazza del Campidoglio, in addition to hosting the civil ceremony, was the place where my two newlyweds met for the first time. That is, where Angelo “captured” Paolo’s attention. From there their journey together began, a journey that reaches up to today, the day in which they will sanction their union before an official of the municipality of Rome.
So, this time, this place is doubly important and significant for this couple! A very special coincidence this, don’t you think?



Being a photographer of civil unions in Rome is beautiful, because the city has fantastic municipal halls like the one that Paolo and Angelo chose.



Our spouses arrive, what will be inside the envelope?


The friends and relatives who were able to arrive have arrived. A few minutes to greet everyone and have a chat.


Inside the red room it was possible to enter 8. Our spouses make their entrance last, as tradition dictates.




Finally, Paolo and Angelo are married!



The exchange of faiths and the sand ritual to which the couple were very keen.


At the exit their loved ones welcome them!


Group photo in this beautiful square!

The walk in the Piazza del Campidoglio

We were not allowed to have a reception due to COVID-19, but we were able to take the walk. So, without further ado, after greeting relatives and friends and with the sun in our favor, we started.



My newlyweds never miss a smile and I’m very happy about that. Angelo orami is almost at ease with photos. Paolo, he’s warming up 🙂






Proseguiamo la passeggiata in totale serenità, passando da una parte all’altra della piazza.



We continue the walk in total serenity, passing from one side of the square to the other.








I ask my two spouses for some interaction …






The time and the light are difficult, but they return unique colors.






I was thrilled to have been the photographer of the civil union in Rome of Paolo and Angelo, I had a lot of fun.
Now the time has come for me to greet the newlyweds to whom I wish a world of good and whom I thank for their availability and sympathy!


This is how I conclude my last wedding photo shoot of this season. I don’t think there is a better way to say goodbye to 2020 than with this photo! I hug you !!


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