There are very many foreigners who they choose Italy as the setting for their wedding . It is not uncommon to see romantic photo walks to Rome, Florence, Venice and other cities of art. Or couples who choose the campaigns of Chianti or le Langhe to pronounce the fateful yes.

There is no doubt therefore that Italy is chosen, both for its artistic and architectural beauties, and for the beauty of its rural landscapes.

Obviously, for a couple who decide to get married in Italy , it is necessary to produce a series of documents ranging, from those needed to celebration and validation of the rite , up to the most common ones used for any Trip abroad .

This article wants to explain precisely what documents are needed for a foreign couple to come and marry in Italy .


The reasons that push couples to get married in Italy

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Wedding in Rome


There are many reasons for foreigners to get married in Italy.

Offer yourself the sweet words for the commitment of a lifetime in one of the enchanted places of Italy? Let yourself be embraced by the sea or have, as a panorama, the most visited snow-capped peaks in the world?

Whatever the reasons this has become a dream for many foreigners, to whom the magic of our peninsula manages to make us imagine (and organize) a fairytale wedding .

Indeed, such a choice presents itself to the future spouses as a real dream; the charm of Italy is undeniable.

Art, culture, the incredible beauty of the landscapes and such romantic traditions become an extraordinary stage; the right poetic frame within which to enclose one of the most enchanting memories.

The monuments, the sea, the cities marked by stories and legends: all this can only contribute to give wonderful emotions and, precisely for this reason, with the certainty of making them indelible in the memory.


The procedure to follow to get married in Italy

Wedding in the countryside of Rome

Wedding in the countryside of Rome

It is unlikely that future spouses, having taken this decision, will stop at the possibility of granting their wish and they will not be “ four paperwork “to make them desist.

An insurmountable impediment could seem the difficulty of understanding which certifications to produce but, having clear which are the necessary fundamental certificates, the path is actually less problematic and complicated than it seems.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility of relying on specialized agencies or wedding planners who will take care of all the bureaucratic part, leaving the future married couple alone the pleasure of a romantic trip to Italy during which to crown your dream of love .


What are the necessary documents?

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Rome Wedding Photo Fori Imperiali


THE documents main serving to get married in Italy they are not many. In fact, the following are required:

  • An identity document with international validity (the passport is more than valid)
  • The document certifying the birth of the spouses ( birth certificate )
  • A document certifying the regularity of the stay in Italy ( card or residence permit for couples from non-EU countries).
  • The clearance for marriage , which can be granted by the authorities of the relevant Nation. This authorization can be produced in one’s own country of origin or by the competent Italian consulate. It will be the latter to prove the absence of impediments to proceed.

Presentation of documents

civil wedding rome

Civil Wedding Rome – Piazza del Campidoglio


And if the groom and the bride, she is a foreigner, he is not able to understand even a word of Italian?

They only need to be followed by an interpreter to assist them from delivery of certificates , passing through the publication of holdings , up to wedding celebration , in whatever formula is conceived.

Here’s how to do it, depending on the type of rite to celebrate:

  • following the national law of the land of origin, in front of the diplomat or consul of that country (civil ceremony)
  • following the Italian law: in front of a registrar in the case of civil marriage (civil ceremony)
  • in the presence of a official of the Catholic Church , if the concordat formula (Catholic rite) is chosen
  • in the presence of a representative of any religion that is not Catholic but that it is considered as allowed in the Italian State (rite of other religions)

The Publications

In Italy, the celebration of marriage must be preceded by publications made by a civil status officer. The publications remain posted on the consular register for at least 8 days. You can get married after the 3 days following the publication and within the following 180 days.

If you cannot come in person to request the publications, you can appoint a third person using a special power of attorney drawn up on plain paper and bearing a copy of your valid identity documents. If you are not a citizen of the European Union and you are not resident in Italy, your signature must be authenticated. More info on the website of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

Other things to organize to get married in Italy

Wedding in Rome - Italy

Wedding in Rome – Italy


Planning a wedding in Italy is becoming the favorite habit of citizens from all over the world!

The number of couples who reach the “beautiful country” is constantly increasing exchange rings : Americans, Chinese, Japanese and, in sharp rise, a large number of English.

Often these couples need to be assisted, not only for the production of documents, but also for the organization of the buffet, the preparation of floral decorations and del bouquet of the bride, in choosing one of the best Italian wedding photographers , the engagement of musicians, the reservation of the location and all the rest. The figure you usually join us with is called Wedding planner .

Being myself a wedding photographer with great experience, personally I know some good ones, so if you need this figure, write to me to send you the contacts .


Civil Wedding in Rome


Almost always, the couple is followed by numerous relatives and friends , so you need to book a hotel where to make them stay . Rooms are often booked in the wedding location itself, as often happens in prestigious places such as Casina Valadier in Rome or the Venetian Palace in Venice .

We just have to appreciate this beautiful trend, aware of the good reputation of our territory combined with the beauty of the places we are proud of. A fairy tale with a happy ending, which will certainly not lack the traditional “ and they lived happily ever after!


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Francesco Russotto

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My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always been involved in photography and image. I am a styled wedding photographer reportage , based in Rome and work in all Italy . I carry out wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots, promises of marriage, bachelorette and bachelorette parties, in various styles. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy in Reportage style , do not hesitate to contact me to make a free and no obligation appointment. We will have a nice chat, you will get to know me and decide if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding.



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