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Acknowledgments, who are they?

My name is Francesco Russotto and I deal with photography and image creation since always.
I’ve had the opportunity to participate to the creation of several videoclip, advertising and movies for national and international clients. Nowadays I’m basically a wedding photographer and I mainly work in Rome, but I easily move all over Italy and foreign.
Recognized among the 10 world’s top wedding photographers and 2 place from the Italian’s top wedding photographers for the PROWED AWARDS site, where the best professional wedding photographers from all over the world participate.
What I like of my job is to tell from my point of view about the emotions of an unique day, full of very special moments.
I’m an ANFM member (Italian Wedding Photographers Association), TAU VISUAL (Professional Photographers Association) e WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association).
I am very proud to have won 10 consecutive Wedding Awards (, first ZIWA (Zankyou International Wedding Awards) in 2018, and four Masters of Italian Wedding Photography.
All the photos that you can see on my web page, are made by me, like also the post production.
To stay close on the faces, without forcing the poses, joining the emotion itself, that’s what I like.
The wedding is a happy day and deserves to be told, with emotion and participation.

If you look for a wedding photographer in Rome or wherever over Italy, please feel free to contact me for a free and personalized quote.

Some clients I’ve worked with :

I was lucky enough to carry out work with and on behalf of large companies such as :
I’ve been lucky enough to realize works with and for some major companies such as:

Agip, Allianz, Acea, Ariston, Axed, Bulgari, Belte’, Coca Cola, Chronotech, Corriere della Sera, Cirio, Carpisa, Esercito Italiano, Euronics, Direct2Brain, Ferrero, Fiat, Gazzenda, Lancia, Lete, Lines, L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Meliconi, Pantene, Parmalat, Raid, RAI, Vodafone, Sammontana, Simmenthal, Sky, Star and many more…

And also to collaborate on realizing the post production of some music videos such as:
And to collaborate in the post production of music videos :

Jovanotti – Video musicale “Tanto, tanto”
Planet Funk – Video musicale “Every Day”
Tiromancino – Video “Imparare dal vento”
Planet Funk – Video “Stop me”
Subsonica – Video “Incantevole”
Planet Funk – Video musicale “It’s your time”
Mina – Video musicale “Alibi”
Ramazzotti “Il tempo tra di noi”
Spot televisivo : “Buscopan”
Illustrazione stereoscopica : “Lancia Alice”
Spot televisivo : “Euronics Coda”
Spot televisivo : “Protactive”
Spot televisivo : “Lines petalo blu”
Spot televisivo : “Raid”
Spot televisivo : “Hot Point Ariston”
Spot televisivo : “Momentlocaldol”
Spot televisivo : “Regione Marche con Dustin Hoffman

Moreover : Tachifludec Spot TV Icona – Animazione 3D Istitutizionale Coppa Malu’ Parmalat– Spot TV Meliconi – Spot TV RCS – Collana La storia dell’uomo Buscofen – Spot TV RCS – Collana Topolino Star – Spot Tv Chronotech – Spot Tv RAID – Spot TV Internazionale Allianz 3 – Spot Tv Passata Cirio – Spot Televisivo RCS – Spot televisivo “I viaggi del’uomo”, Piero e Alberto Angela Ciak – Illustrazione per Lancia (agosto) Carpisa – Spot Tv Ciak – Illustrazione per Lancia (luglio)Allianz 2 – Spot Tv Acqua Lete – Spot “Militare” Ciak –Illustrazione per Lancia (maggio) Mini serie Tv – “Giro di vite”Acqua Lete Spot “Sfera” Acqua Lete – Spot “Bollezza”Sammontana Spot Tv Corriere della sera Collana Paperino, pubblicità Tv Pantene Pubblicita’ per web Filmaster – Eros Kinder – Codini per Campagna Allianz – The Sun, Spot tv Sammontana – Vedo solo te, Spot tv Simmenthal – Fotografia matrimonio Roma- Sta bene con tutti, spot Pompei – Film tv Agip – Blue Diesel, Spot Tv Espresso – Spot Tv Acea – Spot Tv Fiat – Grande Punto, Spot europeo Casanova – Set Supervisor per Film Tv Graffio di tigre Gazzenda – Spot televisivo Intervento di Bullet Time per lo spot turco “Lac” Video musicale internazionale della cantante Hande FilmMaster – Video musicale internazionale “Gangsta Walkin”, Coolio e Snoop Dogg , Bulgari BZero – Spot Mondiale Aboca Seditivax Bio – Spot Tv Lisomucil – Spot Tv Torino – Olimpiadi InvernaliFotografo Roma – Sigla Acqua Lete – Spot Tv della campagna pubblicitaria Belte’ – Sopt Tv Lorenzo – Video “Tanto tanto tanto” Espresso – Spot Tv Casanova – Commissario Soneri Vodafone – Spot Tv “Music is everywhere” Vodafone – Spot Tv “Videowall” Coca Cola – Spot Tv “Mondo” Esercito Italiano – Spot Tv

If you want, you can also contact me via Skype (f.russotto) or Facebook.
You can contact me also by Skype (f.russotto) or Facebook.

Here are some comments left spontaneously by my spouses :

We decided to fix the wedding date based on Francesco’s availability. And we did well !!!
Francesco, you are able to grasp details, nuances, emotions that you don’t even realize you are experiencing. You do it with lightness and discretion, you put a passion into it because when we saw you shooting you looked like a child then when we saw the result we thought “This is a genius”. Maybe you really are.
You were funny and kind in guiding us, in putting us at ease, in knowing how to capture intimate moments in a unique and unrepeatable day.
Through these shots you allow us to relive with intensity a day full of emotions that lasted too short to savor them all.
Infinitely Thanks !!

Emiliano e Carlotta

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It is not easy to find words that can convey how much emotion these photos have arisen. You have been able to make our best moments immortal like no one ever could. This was the last (for now !!) of our photo shoots, one more beautiful and exciting than the other. We also have the happiness of having met you and having the opportunity to keep you among our closest friends. Grazie Fra!

Daniele e Michela

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Simply wonderful! Your photos, Francesco, have been able to tell with many delicate nuances not only this unforgettable day, but our extraordinary love that has lasted for a long time and that Flavia and Arianna gave us. Living these emotions all four together was a unique experience, made even more special by your creativity and your ability to make everything natural and fun. We were lucky to have you with us on our Yes, you will always have a special place in our memories. Thanks for all…

Andrea e Francesca

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October 10th was a day that we won’t forget so easily … first of all, it was our wedding day and, secondly, it rained like it hadn’t been for decades, here in Rome. We know that the word “marriage” and the word “rain” in the same sentence are the worst nightmare of any married couple … but whoever chooses Francesco as a photographer has nothing to fear. His talent and his enormous artistic sensitivity, capable of fully describing every soul, allow us to recognize ourselves in small moments of life of which we are unaware and which in his images come out in all their beauty and truth. Even among liters of rain and without spectacular views and scenarios, Francesco has managed to create around us a world of glimpses and gazes that speak of us and for us. We are grateful to him for giving us live and true photos, light years away from the sadness of prepackaged poses. And, perhaps even more important for a rainy day like the one of October 10th, for bringing the sun into our memories. You are a great Fra! With affection and esteem.

Daniele e Valentina

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Francesco … you were able to make us relive every moment of our wedding day in every photo of you … in every stolen glance … all the emotions experienced come back to mind and heart and the memory of our big day!!! Never get tired of seeing your photos I think it’s your winning card … the characteristic of a great professional who with sympathy, competence and carefree … and even with a little patience;) … he managed to put at ease despite the tension and strong emotion.
Happy to have chosen you!
Simply THANK YOU !!!

Marco e Paola

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Almost a month has passed since our wedding and we are increasingly convinced that we have chosen the photographer who was able to create the photo shoot of our dreams … Our thanks go to Francesco, for the wonderful work he has done, taking care of every detail …. Excellent and professional …
A hug and a greeting

Miachael e Alessia

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A professional attentive to every little detail, capable of capturing every moment of the most important day and able to make everyone feel at ease (even my husband who hates to pose)
The photos are wonderful and spontaneous. Thanks Francesco for your professionalism, availability and kindness, you gave us some beautiful and natural shots. You are a fun and relaxing person. The quality of his photos is above every line.

Monica e Andrea

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Francesco the photos are gorgeous, we will never stop telling you! A lot of shyness and embarrassment but also a great desire to have fun and you have made everything so natural and simple for us.
We will not only have the memory of these photos but also of a very pleasant day together. You are a great professional we could not have chosen better.
Thank you so much. You made us happy!
See you on June 12 🙂
A big hug

Carlo e Chiara

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The best choice we ever made for our big day! Francesco’s creative mind and skill, with his professional yet fun personality, made the whole experience relaxing and amusing! His story-telling captured each precious moment beautifully. From the very first encounter, through the whole process, he’s been extremely precise and reliable. Despite the distance and different time zone, he’s been always available and helpful. We are so lucky to have met him and couldn’t recommend him more! Hope he can write your story too!

Lorenzo e Mitsue

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Dear Francesco .. what to tell you we got excited as that day to see your shots ..
Your photos are moments of poetry, you managed to grasp our most intimate emotions and to tell what is difficult to express even in words .. we really are us in your shots .. we in our truest essence!
With you we immediately felt at home and we, so shy and shy, found ourselves at ease and completely relaxed .. thanks to you, your professionalism and friendliness ..
This day also through your photos will be an indelible memory!
We forgot …
In advance, this time, we ask you for availability for Ludo’s wedding, for the baptism of the grandchildren, for our silver wedding …

Renato e Veruska

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Francesco was absolutely amazing on our wedding day! We hardly noticed him and he has managed to capture amazing pictures which we will cherish forever. He was always professional and made you feel at ease! Top guy! and Top photographer!

Frank e Nadia

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We chose Francesco because we wanted this great day to be immortalized with different photos than usual, which would represent us in a simple and at the same time original, never banal way. The result of the reportage is just that. We look at the photos and we recognize ourselves, we recognize our expressions and the joy that characterized that day and it is all so natural! We can only be happy and more than satisfied with the choice made. With affection and esteem.

Giorgio e Nunzia

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It is difficult to write a review worthy of Francesco Russotto … Great professional and great person. Creative and technically flawless. He gave us an indelible memory of our most beautiful day, making us relive the same emotions every time we looked at his photographs. We would choose it again every day and recommend it to everyone! We also recommend the engagement, a very fun experience that will allow you to get to know the camera and Francesco (not that it takes so much with him;)) so that you are fully at ease on the wedding day.

Chiara e Massimo

Francesco for us has always been “THE Photographer”, because he always knows how to be innovative and original but without losing that centenary tradition that photography can communicate and transmit. Those who rely on him can rest assured that he will receive a unique but above all beautiful photo shoot.
His secret : TALENT.

Luigi e Chiara

Francesco, for our wedding, a photographer’s worst nightmare happened: an afternoon of torrential rain!
Despite our initial discontent and the “plans b” put in place at the last minute, such as the tiny room for the ceremony, Francesco managed to capture the essence of our love on our special day and the affection of our relatives and friends with naturalness and creativity. Fortunately, the sky opened a little before evening and he was able to take some really suggestive photos in the wonderful bucolic setting above Lake Bracciano. It is above all in moments of “panic” that you see the competence, reliability and calm of a professionalism and we can only recommend Francesco Russotto for his great professionalism.

Gianluca e Eleonora

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Russotto Photography was able to respond to our needs in a competent, effective and also fun way. His experience and professionalism proved to be key skills to immortalize the memories of our wedding on photographic paper. Another important aspect is his affability with which he made us feel immediately at ease; this quality allowed us to play with the room, having fun, and giving life to a service that is not theatrically laid, but natural and felt.

Daniele e Martina

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Destiny brought us to you, but from the first phone call we understood that something special was going to happen … I, the bride, was so worried about my defects, about feeling awkward and seeing myself ugly. But I met a kind, patient, attentive and above all very sensitive professional. This is why you, Fra, are able to tell the emotions and show everything a little more beautiful. More exciting than that day, of those moments and those feelings there is only being able to relive them through your shots and the love with which you have prepared this masterpiece. You even memorized, in a second, in the hustle and bustle of preparations, the right music … it seems like you’ve known us forever! A photographer friend of ours told us a little while ago that beauty is made up of many things and that we are all these things … only a special person could have said it! t was lucky to have met you, thank you … with my heart!

Alessio e Francesca

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It was an intense day and you managed to capture every mood, every smile and every look. The engagement was a lot of fun, but here you really grasped what happiness is for us. And you did it without saving yourself a second … In the rain, crouched and with an umbrella on the bias … optimistic until the last that the sun would peek out, but NO, our wedding was so beautiful, and it was also beautiful because you were there!
Those who work with passion involve you. Just one more word: thank you!

Mario e Tea

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Of your photos we had won the ability to grasp and understand people, places and moments, to recognize spontaneity and to prefer truth to artifice.
We immediately fell in love, they were exactly what we were looking for. We chose you and
although we are not easy subjects (the “pose” is not good) you succeeded in the enterprise …. great !!!
Thank you for these beautiful moments of people and places, which will remain with us forever!
You were mythical!

Paolo e Paola

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what to say … we chose the date of our wedding starting from the only date in July that Francesco had free !! … never was a more appropriate choice 🙂
When Davide showed me Francesco’s works for the first time, we had no doubts … “when” it will be (because in reality we had not yet planned to get married) HIM must be our official photographer … and so it was FOR LUCK !!
What I absolutely like is that his shots are spontaneous … you are there … you live the best day of your life and you don’t have to worry about anything because you know he is there who will capture the best moments … the accomplices glances … the smiles …. the funny faces …. the wild dances …. the tears of emotion …. his clicks …. will be etched forever in his memory and in his photos.
Not to mention that thanks to his friendliness and professionalism even the posed shots … which worried both me and my husband, as both a little awkward in front of the camera … turned out to be very natural … and above all original.
A huge thank you to Francesco Russotto for the MAGNIFICENT work !!!

Davide e Gaia

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If you are looking for originality, flexibility and skill without having to give up quality, professionalism and fairness, then you are looking for Francesco Russotto and his STAFF.
Not only we two newlyweds were pleased, but also all the subjects photographed were infected by his joy and his skill in capturing the moment, the smile, the wink, leaving it imprinted in his photos forever.
Choosing the professional for your photo shoot is really complicated, there is no margin for error, photos are the tool through which you can relive those moments and emotions, even in 30 years.
We are happy that fate has led us towards the choice made … THANKS FROM THE HEART OF FRANCIS

Luca e Liudmila

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They told us he was good, but they didn’t tell us how much
Because it is impossible to understand how good Francesco is without having seen at least one of his photos … many photographers capture memories, Francesco captures emotions …
With an almost unique talent, more painter than photographer, more artist than technician, Francesco was a surprise from all points of view … he amazed us with his skill, he encouraged us with his availability, supported us with his charisma and moved with his shots …
A truly unique artist and an exceptional person … impossible to rethink our wedding without his point of view, without his passion, without his magic touch!
Grande Francesco!!!

Andrea e Micaela

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Delighted to have chosen Francesco! The day of our wedding was a beautiful party and his shots perfectly return the smiles, emotions and joy that our many friends and relatives have shared with us. Professional, attentive to details, never intrusive, he immortalized the “spirit” of an unforgettable day.

Mariangela e Pasquale

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There are no words to describe the excitement of seeing that day told in photos .. the one who transforms a story into a fairy tale is also a good speaker and with you, Francesco, we couldn’t have chosen better. You have shown professionalism and creativity .. with a pinch of madness! A hug and again .. thanks.
Davide e Marsela

Davide e Marsela

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