The marriage identified with the term “elopement” is a particular ceremony that takes place in the presence of the spouses, the witnesses and very few close friends.

The elopement

It is a very particular choice and even today it is not uncommon to see couples who decide to get married in this way. Indeed, from my experience as a wedding photographer in Rome, there are more and more.

The elopement is the new frontier of the wedding day, a marriage that looks more like an “elopement” (as it is rightly called) than a real wedding.

Maximum 10 guests, an intimate location and only special people who really manage to share the greatness of that day.

A choice for the courageous few, capable of going against the most cumbersome traditions of our country and without fear of challenging criticism and prejudices. But also a means for newlyweds whose parents did not approve of the wedding to secretly say the fateful yes and thus start their life together.

But let’s go in order and discover all the secrets of the elopement.



What does Elopement mean

The term elopement comes from the English “to elope” which translates into “escape without looking back“, just like it happens in elopements: you decide to stay together forever, running away from the past and habits without thinking too much about it.

The diffusion of the elopement finds various reasons and has its roots in America a few centuries ago, precisely in the United States.

The idea comes from the conception of marriage as an intimate choice that shouldn’t involve too many people, sometimes dispersive and disinterested, but only very close relatives and trusted friends.

In Italy, on the other hand, it has become a real fashion that has spread quickly thanks to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the consequent need to avoid gatherings. A social need that then turned into a trend, which welcomes more and more followers.


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All the pros and cons of the elopement

Those who choose to marry elopement style must be aware of the criticisms they will receive and the discontent of more traditional parents. But also of the fact that your budget can only be allocated to the best to realize your wedding in the way you had always dreamed of. Let’s take a good look at these points in favor and against the elopement.


Against Elopement

In fact, we know how proud a mother is to see her “little girl” get married and to show everyone the fruit of her sacrifices in a white dress and on a decorated altar.

After the ceremony, even the parents will probably appreciate the intimacy and serenity of the wedding day experienced in this way, but to get them used to the idea, you will probably have to face some very small discussions and a few days of sulking.

There will also be the disappointment of those friends who expected to be invited or cousins ​​who you will not choose and so on, up to the last relative, who you will hear complaining when you meet him again.


Pros of Elopement

But despite the negative aspects, the elopement can become a wonderful experience that allows the bride and groom to organize their entire wedding in an absolutely personal way.

This involves tailor-made organization and without having to please all the guests: absence of baby sitters, many tables to “honour” during the banquet and no smiles or “concern” words.

Experiencing a wedding with 10 guests means spending a day in total relaxation, spending less on quantity for the benefit of quality and, why not, giving your loved ones a night as a gift, to spend an entire weekend with them in total intimacy.


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Elopement: fewer guests less organization? It is not true!

Some mistakenly think that fewer guests mean fewer organizational costs: unfortunately this is not true and wedding planners know it well.

On the contrary, being few allows you to organize every single moment down to the smallest detail, without neglecting anything or anyone.

From the flowers that decorate the church to the booklets to follow the religious rite, passing through the rice at the end of the ceremony and then straight to the location where the banquet will be held.

The fact of being able to save on the number of guests will also allow you to allocate your budget only to the best. Dream locations, excellent courses, wine paired with each dish and an exclusive cuisine that is able to truly satisfy all the palates of those present, wonderful flowers and bouquets, excellent musicians and photographers.

This is precisely one of the characteristics of this way of getting married: a getaway with a few close friends in a luxury location far from home.

An elopement-style wedding is an experience that touches the emotional sphere because it involves the most authentic affection and passes through the beauty and exclusivity of each choice. A dream wedding together with the people who really love us and no one else.


Photographing the Walk of the Spouses in Rome


The Elopement Photographer

The professional in charge of photographing an elopement must be very good at knowing how to move with discretion and interpreting the needs and desires of the bride and groom. The need to create, even more than other times, an empathy with them is absolutely necessary. The fact that there are a maximum of 10 guests does not mean that the elopement photographer has to invade the field at all times. Indeed, a good dose of discretion and knowing how to capture the shots without ruining the intimate atmosphere of the ceremony is required.

Furthermore, to give the best and satisfy the bride and groom, it must possibly be a photographer with experience in elopements, because the atmosphere that is created and the consequent working conditions are particular and completely different from those of a normal wedding with hundreds of guests .

Finally, he must be a professional able to move around the world, precisely because the elopement represents a romantic escape in a location far from home.

Elopement in Rome: let’s discover it!

Rome beckons for an unforgettable elopement. Imagine exchanging vows amidst ancient grandeur – a civil ceremony at the historic Campidoglio, a Catholic blessing in St. Peter’s Basilica, or a symbolic vow exchange in a charming Roman garden bathed in the golden light of sunset.

Turn your special day into a masterpiece. Iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps serve as your picture-perfect backdrop. Add a touch of whimsy with a post-ceremony Vespa ride, culminating in a playful stop at the Mouth of Truth.

Feel the Romance, Live La Dolce Vita!

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, recreating the magic of Roman Holiday. Or, delve into the heart of Rome in Trastevere, a vibrant neighborhood where locals gather. Wander charming streets, explore the Tiber River, and indulge in authentic Roman cuisine.

Why Elope in Rome?

Rome, with its rich history and captivating beauty, offers the perfect canvas for a unique and stylish elopement. Forget the stress of a large wedding – elope in Rome and focus on the intimacy and joy of your commitment.

Planning Your Roman Elopement

Eloping in Italy has its legalities, but don’t let that deter you! Many couples opt for a symbolic ceremony in Rome, exchanging vows and creating lasting memories. Then, handle the legalities back home for a stress-free experience.

Ready to embark on this adventure? Choose your favorite Roman locations, find a talented photographer who knows the city’s secrets, and start crafting your dream elopement!

Insider Tips for Avoiding Crowds

Rome may be bustling, but with a local expert by your side, you can dodge the crowds and find the perfect spots for your ceremony and photos. Imagine a sunset vow exchange on Capitoline Hill, followed by breathtaking portraits around the Roman Forum and the Jewish Ghetto. Your elopement gallery will capture the timeless beauty of Rome in all its glory.

The Eternal City Awaits

Are you ready to elope in the heart of Italy? We’ll capture the story of your special day with a modern and captivating style, ensuring your Roman elopement becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime.



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