Viterbo Wedding Photographer

Viterbo Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer Viterbo Francesco Russotto, is a professional photographer specialized in modern, innovative, creative and colorful wedding photojournalists.

Wedding photo reportage in Viterbo, Latina, Frosinone, Sora, photo reportage in Rome, the province and all of Italy.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer , discreet, creative, innovative and polite, you are in the right place.
See my wedding photos in Viterbo below.

For me, marriage is a magical and unique event, which must also be experienced with a little healthy lightness.
Being a wedding photojournalist is my greatest mission.

How Much Does a Viterbo Wedding Photographer Cost?

Prices wedding photographer in Viterbo they are variable, this is because no marriage is the same as the other. One of the factors that determines the price is certainly the geographical positioning of the location with respect to the place of the ceremony and dressing.
But in addition to this, certainly the total cost of a wedding photo report is also made up of how many albums you want to make.
Francesco Russotto, Viterbo Wedding Photographer, is not the wedding photojournalist of the “package”.
Francesco is a professional photographer and understands that the wedding cost is an important factor and will try to find a level solution for your wedding photos.

Here are the factors that determine the final price

of a wedding photo shoot in Viterbo

Do you organize your entire wedding in one location?

Start the wedding photos with the dressings located in the same location where the rest of the wedding will take place, it is a very smart choice.
This is because it avoids spouses, relatives and the wedding photographer to face displacements, often very demanding, to reach places such as a church, or location.

How many operators do you want in all?

Obviously the cost of a wedding photographer is not the same as that of two wedding photographers. This also applies to video.

Francesco Russotto, when possible realizes photo reportage marriage Viterbo alone. But if, for example, there are important trips, he must make use of a personal assistant.

How many albums do you want?

Choosing thealbum for your wedding photos is fundamental and affects the wedding cost.

My advice, to keep the budget a bit, is to do what you can do and even here, don’t compromise on quality, preferring quantity over quantity.

Some Weddings in Viterbo

You are looking for a photographer for
Wedding in Viterbo?

Francesco Russotto_03

My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always worked in the field of photography and image. I am a professional wedding photojournalist based in Viterbo, Latina and Rome, who only does wedding photo shoots. I like to tell as a photographer, from my point of view, the emotions of a unique day full of special moments. Stay close to people, faces, without forced poses, participating in the emotion itself. The wedding photo report is a party, a happy day and as such should be told with the right amount of emotion and participation. If you are looking for a Viterbo wedding photographer; do not hesitate to contact me.

What They Say About Me

Francesco, for our wedding, a photographer’s worst nightmare happened: an afternoon of torrential rain!
Despite our initial discontent and the “plans b” put in place at the last minute, such as the tiny room for the ceremony, Francesco managed to capture the essence of our love on our special day and the affection of our relatives and friends with naturalness and creativity. Fortunately, the sky opened a little before evening and he was able to take some really suggestive photos in the wonderful bucolic setting above Lake Bracciano. It is above all in moments of “panic” that you see the competence, reliability and calm of a professionalism and we can only recommend Francesco Russotto for his great professionalism.

Gianluca & Eleonora

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It is not easy to find words that can convey how much emotion these photos have arisen. You have been able to make our best moments immortal like no one ever could. This was the last (for now !!) of our photo shoots, one more beautiful and exciting than the other. We also have the happiness of having met you and having the opportunity to keep you among our closest friends. Tank you Fra!

Daniele e Michela

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Delighted to have chosen Francesco! The day of our wedding was a beautiful party and his shots perfectly return the smiles, emotions and joy that our many friends and relatives have shared with us. Professional, attentive to details, never intrusive, he immortalized the “spirit” of an unforgettable day.

Mariangela e Pasquale

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Of your photos we had won the ability to grasp and understand people, places and moments, to recognize spontaneity and to prefer truth to artifice.
We immediately fell in love, they were exactly what we were looking for. We chose you and
although we are not easy subjects (the “pose” is not good) you succeeded in the enterprise …. great !!!
Thank you for these beautiful moments of people and places, which will remain with us forever!
You were mythical!

Paolo e Paola

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