Frosinone Wedding Photographer

Frosinone Wedding Photographer

Frosinone wedding photographer Francesco Russotto specializes in modern, innovative, creative and colorful wedding photojournalist.

Wedding photo reportagein Frosinone, Latina, Viterbo, Frosinone, Sora, photo reportage in Rome, province and all of Italy.

If you are looking for a discreet, creative, innovative and polite photographer, you are in the right place. Look at the wedding photos below.

Wedding photography is my greatest passion. For me, marriage is a magical and unique event, which must also be experienced with a little healthy lightness.

What is the Cost of a Frosinone Wedding Photographer?

The prices of wedding photographer in Frosinone are variable, this is because no wedding is the same as the other. One of the factors that determine the price is certainly the geographical positioning of the location with respect to the place of the ceremony and dressing.

But in addition to this, certainly the total cost of a wedding photo report is also made up of how many albums you want to make.

Francesco Russotto, Frosinone Wedding Photographer, is not the photographer of the “package”. Francesco understands that the wedding cost is an important factor and will try to find a level solution for your wedding photos.

These are the factors that determine the final price

of a wedding photo shoot in Frosinone

Why choose the province of Frosinone as a destination for your wedding?

The province of Frosinone is a very popular location for the wedding photojournalist, because it combines breathtaking landscapes with locations with large spaces without neglecting the traditions and customs characteristics of the places.

Even the wedding cost will benefit, given that sometimes, the locations of Frosinone and its province offer interesting solutions from an economic point of view.

As a wedding photographer, I can highly recommend these beautiful places.


Do you also want additional services beyond wedding photos?

Obviously the cost of a wedding photographer changes if you want to make fun wedding images such as Photobooth or Polaroid. This is because, to carry out these services, two wedding photographers are needed.

Francesco Russotto, whenever possible, realizes Frosinone wedding photo reportage alone. But if you need to make use of additional services, you need to get a personal assistant.


How many albums do you want?

Choosing the album for your wedding photos is fundamental and affects the wedding cost.

My advice, to keep the budget down a bit, is to do what you can do, and here too; do not compromise on quality, preferring quantity over quantity.

An economic marriage is a marriage that does not penalize quality, but waste.

Some Weddings in Frosinone

You are looking for a photographer for
Wedding in Frosinone?

Francesco Russotto_03

My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always worked in the field of photography and image. I am a professional wedding photojournalist based in Rome, but who also works in Frosinone, Viterbo, Latina and the provinces and who only makes wedding photo shoots. I like to tell, from my point of view, the emotions of a unique day full of special moments. Stay close to people, faces, without forced poses, participating in the emotion itself. The wedding photo report is a party, a happy day and as such should be told with the right amount of emotion and participation. If you are looking for a Frosinone wedding photographer; do not hesitate to contact me.

What They Say About Me

Almost a month has passed since our wedding and we are increasingly convinced that we have chosen the photographer who was able to create the photo shoot of our dreams … Our thanks go to Francesco, for the wonderful work he has done, taking care of every detail …. Excellent and professional …
A hug and a greeting

Miachael e Alessia

We chose Francesco because we wanted this great day to be immortalized with different photos than usual, which would represent us in a simple and at the same time original, never banal way. The result of the reportage is just that. We look at the photos and we recognize ourselves, we recognize our expressions and the joy that characterized that day and it is all so natural! We can only be happy and more than satisfied with the choice made. With affection and esteem.

Giorgio e Nunzia

Francesco was absolutely amazing on our wedding day! We hardly noticed him and he has managed to capture amazing pictures which we will cherish forever. He was always professional and made you feel at ease! Top guy! and Top photographer!

Frank e Nadia

There are no words to describe the excitement of seeing that day told in photos .. the one who transforms a story into a fairy tale is also a good speaker and with you, Francesco, we couldn’t have chosen better. You have shown professionalism and creativity .. with a pinch of madness! A hug and again .. thanks.

Davide e Marsela

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