Foreigners are increasingly choosing Italy to celebrate their marriage; the reasons are many, just like the peculiarities of the Bel Paese are many.

Getting married in Italy. Why?

For many foreign couples, Italy is a magical place: organizing the wedding ceremony becomes a very popular alternative, and one that certainly makes the guests happy too!

Yes, because let’s not forget that visiting cities of the caliber of Florence, Romeor Venice is not really something that is decided from morning to evening; being invited to a wedding in an Italian locationcan truly represent a dream come true.

Foreigners love Italy for many reasons: the enchanting landscapes, the food, the cities of art but also and above all the hospitality and kindness typical of its inhabitants.

Italy turns out to be an ideal place to get married also because the rite can be celebrated in places of various types and suitable for any type of religion, creed or secularism.

Churches, mosques, but also castles or historic residences and the same seats of the Municipal Administrations where to perform a civil wedding, offer a unique setting that fascinates, conquers and becomes unforgettable.

The newlyweds will bring with them an indelible memory of the magical atmosphere, thanks also to the best Italian wedding photographers who know how to make the most of the shots in the locations chosen by the couples. And it will be very important to rely on an excellent level “Italian Wedding Photographer” to best immortalize those unforgettable moments that the couple is preparing to live.

Trends of the moment

Oasi di Kufra Fotografo Matrimonio_0062

Very popular among foreign spouses is the custom of moving, after the wedding ceremony, to places outside the city centers, such as farmhouses and restaurants offering local and traditional specialties.

In fact, one of the reasons why foreigners choose Italy is the food! From appetizers and snacks to aperitifs, from meat or fish menus to end with exquisite cakes prepared by master pastry chefs, everyone wants to try the experience of Italian cuisine.

Many things that seem obvious to us, in fact, such as freshly baked bread, focaccia or homemade pasta, represent an absolute novelty for foreigners, who wish to live at least once in their life.

They choose marriage in Italy precisely to combine this multitude of emotions in a single dream, to remember a lifetime journey of culture, history, and above all good food.

Italian excellence available to foreigners who get married in the beautiful country

Villa degli Orazi Wedding Photographer

But let’s not forget that in Italy there are many professionals, from photographers to wedding planners, from receptionists to restaurateurs, able to offer excellent and high quality services.

Spouses who decide to live the most beautiful moment of life in Italy do so because they know they will find hospitality and joviality rare in other countries; they know that everyone will do their utmost to make them live unique moments.

And what about the climate? Foreigners who live in “cold” countries can be sure that in Italy they will always find a mild climate, a bright and warm sun, especially if they decide to get married in Rome, where good weather usually accompanies us from April to mid-November.

They know they will return to their country of origin tanned, invigorated in body and especially in heart and soul.

Last but not least, getting married in Italy and having a civil ceremony is also simple from an administrative point of view.

In fact, a few documents are sufficient, to be sent to your embassy based in Italy, and to communicate a few essential data to the municipal offices where you want to celebrate the wedding. And the dream comes true.


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