How wedding photographer , my mission is to immortalize emotions that come out on their wedding day. This is one of the best things for a photographer creative like me, because he makes every marriage different from the other, as every person, every married couple , expresses their emotions in their own way. This is the secret to doing original shots at every ceremony without ever ending in the “already seen”.


The emotion in wedding photography

But what do I mean by original photos that capture the emotion ? I try to explain it every time, but almost always I’m afraid of not making this concept well understood. On the other hand, the emotion itself is already something that is not easily determined. Let alone give a definition to the photos that capture their essence.

Today I decided to try again, inspired by looking at some pictures from the site , a specialized photography site much appreciated by photographers, not just those specializing in wedding . This site every year draws up a special ranking, rewarding the most beautiful and original photos of the year. I hope not to annoy them by also using some of their photos to explain the concept. How wedding photographer I am always very attentive to news and new shots of great international photographers.

Fotografo Matrimonio Rito Evangelico Roma

Fotografia di Francesco Russotto

Emotional wedding photos

Thanks to these photos, we will go to “ touch with hand “, what is meant by wedding photographs that capture emotions. Those are the emotions you feel before, during and after the wedding ceremonyemotions that I chase in all of mine wedding photo shoots .

The following photos are grouped and named “ shots of love “, because love is the greatest emotion in any wedding ceremony. I will personally guide you through the exploration of this photo gallery, indicating from my point of view the characteristics that make them worthy of a special wedding album.


1 The Innocence

I would start immediately strong, with a photograph that does not portray the spouses, but a great emotion. That of a child, probably the son of the couple, who cries while carrying the wedding rings towards the altar. I don’t know if her crying is due to happiness or a reaction due to something else, but it is certainly a moment of the wedding that deserves to be filmed and that will allow to excite those who look at her for a lifetime. In my opinion it is a masterpiece.


emotion child carrying the wedding rings to the newlyweds

The emotion of a child who brings wedding rings to the bride and groom (Lyndah Wells)


2 The tears

Another photo of great emotional impact and that softens the heart is that of the father of the bride who is moved by seeing his daughter who is about to get married. Probably the tears are due to the whole set of feelings that may have prevailed over the official demeanor. The expression encompasses everything: happiness for the daughter, pain at seeing her leave home, pride in having raised her so well until marriage, sadness at losing her “baby”. In short, a whirlwind of emotions that upsets the father and also those who look at this photo. Wonderful.


Father of the bride crying

The Father of the Crying Bride (Gabriel Scharis)


3 The Amazement

Another sensation experienced during a wedding is amazement. Amazement, for example, to see a person you know dressed as a bride. The image below fully conveys this feeling and the camera has frozen it perfectly. While not framing the face of the child, it is clear what his expression can be in front of the beauty of the bride and bridesmaids. The thing I like is that that same face, as the photo was framed, could be that of any other child we know. Superb.


Amazement in front of the bride

Amazement in front of the bride (Olya Vysotskaya)


4 Friendship

Friendship is also a feeling that emerges during a wedding, and it is one of the most difficult ones for a photographer to capture. Of course, the love of friends is often expressed in laughter or tears. But something that says that “this photo expresses friendship” is much more difficult to interpret. The following image, on the other hand, manages to fully capture this feeling. The maze of arms that tighten around the bride expresses all the love of her friends. Obviously, love also shines through, because it is a feeling inherent in friendship. You can’t be friends if you don’t love each other. But it is clear that friendship is the predominant element of this photo. Although perhaps this photograph can have a less strong emotional impact than the previous ones, seen from the angle of a professional wedding photographer like me, it’s a standing ovation.


Love of friends towards the bride

Friendship is the element that shines through in this wedding photo (Amber Henry)


5 The Competition

The following is an adult photograph wedding photojournalist . It is simply fantastic. These are two children who have been assigned a role during the ceremony: one in charge of carrying the wedding rings and the other of being the bridesmaid. The older child looks sideways at the child as if to say: “Hey, be careful not to make a mistake, otherwise you’ll see it with me”. It is likely that the child envies the role assigned to the other or that she particularly cares that the other does well so as not to disfigure or minimize her. This can also happen during a wedding. Applause.


Competition between bridesmaid and pageboy

Competition between bridesmaid and pageboy (David Amiel)


6 Complicity

When two spouses are also accomplices it is a great sign that the couple is close-knit and that they are well together. He doesn’t need anything else to be happy: just the two of them. Obviously it is not that they shy away from friendship, quite the contrary. When a couple lives a relationship of complicity, it is almost certain that they are open people and that friends get along well with them. Capturing the complicity of the spouses with the reflex, if this comes out, is not at all difficult. It is present in their every gesture. The following photograph fully shows the harmony between the two spouses and their complicity was expressed throughout the day. Great merits.


The complicity between two spouses is a feeling that also emerges on the wedding day

The complicity between two spouses is a feeling that also emerges on the wedding day (Francesco Russotto)


7 Happiness

Happiness in a marriage can be expressed in several ways. There are those who cry, those who laugh and those who have very personal reactions that express the same feeling. But one thing is certain. When you see it you recognize it immediately. In the photo that I show below, the happiness of the bride is evident through the expression of the face, although taken from the side. But not only. The posture and the tension of the hands reveal a tight charge of this feeling, as if to convey it to the person who is embracing. This is only a partial shot where the rest of the body language is not returned. But I chose it to make it clear how happiness can be evident even just from a beautiful photo that tightens on a detail. Superb.


The bride's happiness (Lauren Brimhall)

The bride’s happiness (Lauren Brimhall)



8 Love

Among the emotions experienced during a wedding a photographer must not miss the main one: love. It is the cornerstone of the whole ceremony, indeed, of all existence. With marriage we celebrate love: that of the spouses and secondly, that of the guests who participate in the event. A wedding photo shoot devoted only to the aesthetics of the “beautiful photo” will give life to a beautiful but soulless wedding album. Man … at least there should be love. Worthy conclusion of this photo gallery.


love in marriage

The feeling of love is the main emotion of every wedding (Francesco Russotto)



With this article, I have tried to explain well what it means take photos at a wedding . When the photographer manages to capture one or more emotions with his lens, he will create beautiful works to keep in the wedding album and to proudly show to relatives and friends.

Do wedding photography it’s not just taking pictures of the newlyweds. It is not even forcing spouses and guests to pose all day long. It’s a hunt for emotions and, as already said, this allows you to create new unique, original and beautiful photographs every time.

If this approach weren’t there, I would have already got tired of being a wedding photographer and probably wouldn’t even have a client anymore. Fortunately I never get tired, on the contrary … every time it is different. Just like people. If a photographer understands this, it means he is a good wedding photographer.



Francesco Russotto – Wedding Photographer

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My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always been involved in photography and image. I had the pleasure of collaborating in the creation of many productions for national and international clients, in the field of video clips, commercials and cinema. Di base, oggi, sono un fotografo di matrimonio in stile reportage, lavoro a Roma ma mi muovo tranquillamente in tutta la provincia, in Italia ed anche all’estero. I like being a wedding photographer because I love to tell, from my point of view, the emotions of a unique day full of special moments. Stay close to people, faces, without forced poses, participating in the emotion itself. Marriage is a party, a happy day and as such it must be told with the right amount of emotion and participation. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Rome or Lazio , do not hesitate to contact me to make a free and no obligation appointment. We will have a nice chat, you will get to know me and decide if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

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