Wedding Casale di Polline, Bracciano Lake, Rome: Francesco Russotto
Wedding photo shoot in Bracciano
Wedding photographer: Andrew and Ferga

Location : Casale di Polline


Le foto della preparazione nei dintorni di Anguillara

Here we are at Andrew and Ferga’s wedding photo reportage.This newlywed couple lives in England, but chose to get married in our country and to be precise around lake Bracciano.
Arrival from the groom in perfect time, Andrew was running around organising the last few things … The day is warm and sunny, but unfortunately the weather conditions are expected to worsen in the next 2-3 hours.



I enter to start the preparation.



Initially we plan to get ready in a room.



But given the size and the light, we decide together to prepare the groom outside.



The father of the groom.






Everything flows the right way!






Meanwhile, someone plays.



A bit of cooling …



The witness helps us in the preparation.






Hot, hot, hot.



















A little alcohol never hurts.



… but it makes you sweat …



Jacket !



And finally the pocket square!



A few photos out in the shade!












It’s time for me to go to the bride.



Perfect arrival time for the bride as well.



It’s hot and the clouds start to cover the sky.









I find Ferga serene and obliging.






Everything proceeds perfectly!















Chatting and joking.












..even when the weather gets worse, nobody loses the good spirits!



The dressing begins!


















… and so does the rain!






The humidity increases!






We take a couple of shots without getting too wet!



In the meantime everything flows serenely!









Ferga liaises with Andrew to figure out how to proceed with the ceremony, which was supposed to be outdoors!






We are ready to go to Andrew.



Umbrella and away !!!




Il rito dentro Casale di Polline

Unfortunately it rains, even if not as violently as before.



The guests have arrived!









Andrew tries to coordinate everything, in the end he decides to carry out the ceremony inside.



The bride gets out of the car.






Here we are !






Aren’t they cute!?!?



The rain is easing off!

La passeggiata all’interno del casale

After greeting everyone and opening the buffet …



… we decide to take a couple of snaps.






The light is not the best, but the couple and I have fun all the same!












Great harmony between the two newlyweds!



Happy among the children !!!


I leave Andrew and Ferga to their guests!

Discover the photos taken in the location during the party

Fortunately the rain has stopped …






The bride and groom make their entrance!












… and toasts!






I take the two newlyweds for a photo.Wedding Casale di Polline



Let’s go back to the guests.






The cake is made on the spot!









… the throwing of the bouquet!



… and the dancing!


Andrew and Ferga invite their guests to join them on the dance floor!




Andrew and Ferga already from our first Skype meeting I realyzed that you were two nice and sparkling people. Getting to know you at your wedding, I was able to deepen and appreciate all the rest, your genuineness, energy and all the things that positively characterize you. You are two beautiful people and I was honoured to have been able to attend and tell the story of your wedding. I wish you all the best in the world!

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Wedding Casale di Polline

Fotografo Matrimonio Casale di Polline, Andrew e Ferga. Fotoreportage di matrimonio a Roma.



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