I can proudly say that. I have still been selected among the top 10 best Italian wedding photographers. In addition to the actual profession, I like to put myself out there, which is why I participate in prestigious competitions in which, a strict jury selects the best wedding photos each year.

Best Italian Wedding Photographer

This year (and I proudly say it is not the first year), I reached this very important milestone, based this time not on the judgment of experts in the field, but on that of couples who, when going in search of a wedding photographer, voted in great numbers for my photos.

Knowing that those who are the target audience of my end customers, even without having met me in person, looking at my photos voted them as the best, for me is a source of double pride.

That’s how I won the Wedding Award 2024.

An award for marriages 2024

We are well aware of how this last few years, have been difficult times that have forced many couples to postpone their wedding until a later date. Many have cancelled, but many have decided to get married anyway (I discuss this in my article
Weddings 2021

But that is precisely why the Wedding Awards who elected me as the one of the best Italian wedding photographers, takes on a special value because it highlights the importance of the work of us wedding professionals who have made an effort to adapt to the situation and accompany couples on their wedding journey.

In the present context, the Wedding Awards 2024 are a recognition of the work well done and the effort we wedding photographers have put in, always trying to live up to despite adverse circumstances.

The continuation of work that has also rewarded me in 2023

This 2024 Wedding Award follows another very prestigious award received by 2020, that of best Italian wedding photographer for the Prowed Award.

And yes, in 2020, thanks to my newlyweds and a little bit also to my photos, I was among the 10 best Italian photographers according to https://prowedaward.com/ which is a site where the best wedding photographers around the world are awarded every year.

The jury consisted of established international wedding photographers, such as Ken Pak of the United States, Cafa Liu of Canada. Britain’s Aaron Storry and other sacred monsters of the genre. Being chosen by them was so exciting for me.

The competition for the world’s best wedding photographer

But even this award is just a step along the way, because now, as I am among the top 10 Italian wedding photographers, I also compete every year to be among the top 25 in the world! And currently, in 2024, I am among the top 10.

Among the best wedding photographers in the world!

My legs are a little shaky, and it will not be easy to maintain the position over the years. Perhaps it is almost impossible given also the skill of my colleagues. But I will give it my all, and to have made it this far is a satisfaction I share with only a few international wedding photographers.

I hope to make it for 2025 as well, it will be perhaps one of the most rewarding professional satisfactions of my life, it is not easy to maintain a high competitive level over the years.

Give me a : good luck guys!


Francesco Russotto

Wedding Photographer

My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always been involved in photography and image. I am a styled wedding photographer reportage , based in Rome and work in all Italy . Winner of the Wedding Awards 2024 and selected among the top 10 best Italian wedding photographers by 2020. I carry out wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots, promises of marriage, bachelorette and bachelorette parties, in various styles. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy in Reportage style , do not hesitate to contact me to make a free and no obligation appointment. We will have a nice chat, you will get to know me and decide if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding.



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