Today I want to introduce you to a part of me that I have been cultivating for a while and that I am ready to make public: Portrait photography and specifically for this article my being a photograph family portraits .
I said specifically, because being a portrait photographer is very generic, since portraits can be of various kinds.

I photograph family portraits: where do we start?

Multi-person photography is very complicated. We need to multiply the number of problems that usually occur for a single person, by the number of participants in the portrait. We speak not only of photographic composition , or of laying, but also and above all of people management. The hardest part of a portrait.
The reason why I am interested in this type of photography is because I love to get involved, but I must first say that it takes a good dose of patience, energy and rapidity of shooting.

The sense of a family portrait photo

We live in a country, in which the family photography it is not used much unlike, for example, in Anglo-Saxon countries. In Italy, paying a professional to take a photo is usual only for events such as weddings, if we are lucky even baptisms, communions, confirmations and some birthday parties.
People hardly have the will to be represented in a personal portrait , if not for work or social needs, imagine the desire to be photographed with the whole family.


However, someone in the family, over the years, realizes that they do not have a beautiful photo that represents theentire family unit and the first thing that comes to mind is to go to a photographer’s studio for a family portrait, like the one you see in the photo above.
This is an important first step in generating a memory that will remain forever in the home of the person who commissioned it.

We try to analyze the difficulties that can arise in the realization of one photo for family made in the studio.

Making a family portrait in a photo studio

The difficulty in representing a photo portrait of family in studio it is not just a question of pose, composition, lights, black, white or spotted backdrop. The real difficulty is there people management , who in most cases is not used to being photographed and therefore finds herself in extreme embarrassment in front of the lens of a camera . Let’s imagine then when the flashes start, or the annoyance of the intensity of a continuous LED light in their eyes.

The photographer must be extremely good, attentive and at the same time sensitive to be able to manage all this, putting people at ease, and at the same time making sure that all technical difficulties are under control.

But are we sure that studio photography is the only way to represent a family?


Outdoor family photography: why?

In my opinion, another very valid solution is outdoor portraits. But don’t think they are problem-free. In reality there are many more variables to manage than in a photographic studio.

Outdoors, at least I don’t wear flashes, so as not to run into the classic paranoia of the studio photographer, where the mania for perfect light sometimes prevails what is the communication and emotion that a photo should arouse.


The added variables are natural light, wind and not least the background including strangers, mopeds, garbage cans, etc, etc.

If you add all this to dynamic situations in motion, you will understand how the realization of an outdoor family shoot is more complicated and tiring than a shot made in the studio.
Obviously, all this also affects the cost of the service which inevitably is higher than the single shot in the studio and which therefore further discourages people from making this type of shooting.

The family photographer


My family portraits

Although tiring and very demanding, in my opinion, it is worth trying to realize these services, because they offer a very particular dynamism and complicity. Some like to call them Family Shooting , I leave you some links here to see what I mean: CLICK HERE !

Rome Family Service Photographer

But know ‘, that if you are used to comfort zone of your photographic studio, where you love absolute control of pose, lighting and backdrop, outdoors you will be totally prey to randomness and the unpredictable. This could throw you into total panic. Not everyone is willing to do it and by doing it, I mean “doing it right”.
I advise you to start with some of your family members, in order to avoid problems with a client who commissions the work to you.

If you need advice or insights, do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to be able to give you some of my personal advice, hoping to be able to help you in this splendid journey in the world of photography.


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