One of the classic moments of a wedding photo shoot is the so-called “ walk “of the spouses. It is called so not so much for the fact that it is a common walk, but to indicate that particular phase of the service in which romantic photos are taken on the wedding day. This is the moment when the bride and groom, after the ceremony, go with the photographer while the guests go to the restaurant where they will be waiting for them.

Where to take the photographic walk


In general the walk is carried out in romantic places or particularly impressive. In weddings in country style it can be done in the countryside. It all depends on the city where you get married and on the tastes of the newlyweds.

In countries for example, this phase of the wedding photo shoot , is carried out in the historic centers. In the city, many prefer the city center. The more beautiful the city, the greater the suggestive corners where to take these photographs.


wedding photo walk imperial forums

Wedding photo shoot Rome, walk to the Imperial Forums


In the wedding location , such as villas, farmhouses or farmhouses, the walk often takes place within the estate. They are those cases in which the location is very beautiful and lends itself beautifully to this purpose. Taking photos of the walk inside the location chosen for the reception, presents remarkable advantages in many ways.

First of all, the spouses are not subject to travel by car (with lots of traffic) to reach any point of the city. This makes the walk more restful and you can see it in the photos. Then you have the advantage of staying close to the guests, who will not be forced to wait too long before seeing the couple return and start the wedding banquet.

Here is a photo shoot complete with a walk in the location, carried out at Village of Tragliata . Beautiful I would say.


Where to take the photographic walk in Rome


Wedding photoshoot rome walk piazza venezia

Wedding photo shoot Rome walk in Piazza Venezia


If I had to list all the streets, squares, alleys and monuments of Rome suitable for the photographic walk of the spouses, this article would never end. The center of Rome is all enchanting.

But if you want a dynamic photo shoot in pure reportage style, I would opt for Trastevere. Here, corners, alleys, fountains, squares and churches, everything is wonderfully suitable for wedding photo . Nor would I leave out the historic shops and the people who live there. Inserting elements of real life into the wedding photos greatly enriches the originality and beauty of the wedding photo album.

Then it is obvious that taking pictures with the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums or the Altar of the Fatherland as a background, the WOW effect is always guaranteed. They are the ideal locations to shoot romantic wedding photos .


The importance of the wedding photographer


country walk wedding photographer

Wedding Photo Shoot, walk in a “Country” location


Almost all the spouses of the capital choose Rome as the place for their photographic walk. Some choose Trastevere, some Spanish Steps, some other famous places. But if you don’t choose a creative wedding photographer , you risk getting photos that are the clone of thousands more present on all the wedding albums of those who got married in the Eternal City.

A creative wedding photographer, on the other hand, will know how to invent the new situation, or rather, he will make sure that the bride and groom pose in spontaneous and natural poses, without forcing them and stressing them. With this approach, it’s impossible for a photo to be the same as that of another married couple because we are all unique.

The skill of the wedding photographer is to give only a few small suggestions without being intrusive and without imposing unlikely poses on the spouses, in perfect reportage style, which is what manages to return the most beautiful and exciting wedding photos. Because what will have to come out of the wedding photo shoot will be yours emotions .

Rome Wedding Photographer Francesco Russotto

Francesco Russotto

Creative Wedding Photographer – Roma

My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always been involved in photography and image. I had the pleasure of collaborating in the creation of many productions for national and international clients, in the field of video clips, commercials and cinema. Basically, today, I’m a styled wedding photographer reportage , I work in Rome but I move easily throughout the province, Italy and also abroad. I like being a wedding photographer because I love to tell, from my point of view, the emotions of a unique day full of special moments. Stay close to people, faces, without forced poses, participating in the emotion itself. Marriage is a party, a happy day and as such it must be told with the right amount of emotion and participation. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Rome or Lazio , do not hesitate to contact me to make a free and no obligation appointment. We will have a nice chat, you will get to know me and decide if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

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