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Why do we do this?

Team Russotto was initially established as a team of
wedding photography services
, later expanded to include
wedding video
In over 11 years of experience, we have been fortunate enough to get to know many other professionals working in the wedding industry, and so we decided, should you need them, to recommend them to you! You will have people around you who have already worked together with the same passion and dedication that has set us apart for years.
We offer you our free consultation (if you are our bride and groom) and the necessary contacts so that you can peacefully go on to organize your wedding by taking care of almost all the necessary aspects, from bouquet to music, photobooth, car rental, etc.

Planning a wedding step by step

Planning a wedding can be stressful for a couple since there are many aspects to consider. There are couples who rely on wedding planners, but it is not always possible to find “the one” or be able to afford this extra expense, so most couples roll up their sleeves as early as a year in advance and start planning the cheapest wedding possible. Even with this far in advance, there are so many things to get going–let alone plan a wedding in 6 months!

Wedding services

Yet it is possible! With the right professionals, you can plan your wedding in 3 months even–whether you are planning a civil or religious wedding. Of course, planning a civil wedding can be more fun because you can be creative right from the ceremony, but even for those who prefer the solemnity of a religious wedding, there is no shortage of things to spin then.

The key word is: plan. Kind of like in everyday life. Planning a wedding means first making the big decisions (season, location) and then from there going down gradually into the details of things to look for, professionals to contact and with whom to talk, negotiate and sign agreements. As the date approaches things seem to multiply and never end? Are you afraid you have forgotten something? Ask us for help!

Things to do for a wedding?

As we have written before, the to-do list for a wedding can seem endless, but actually with the right planning planning planning a wedding is not scary. For example, you could already start simplifying your organization by using the list below to get an idea of what you still need:


Bridal Bouquet The bridal bouquet and coordinating accessories (buttonhole for the groom, bracelets for the groomsmen or bridesmaids, etc.), is a step that is usually taken toward the end of the organization or at least after the bride’s dress has been chosen. A longtime collaborator of ours is artist Jessica Ciaffarini, who with her Alternative Bouquets, in addition to creating works of art, makes eco-friendly handmade products in : silk, fine papers, tissue paper and many other materials.


One of the most personal and delicate things about a wedding is bridal makeup. By makeup we mean not only make-up but also styling of hair and accessories and highlights chosen by the bride or suggested by theatelier.

bridal makeup

The image of the bride must be coordinated and harmonious on this very important day because it is right to feel as beautiful as ever also because you will be surrounded throughout the day by photographers e videomaker who will be able to capture you at your best, but good make-up always plays its part, even if you have chosen a reportage style wedding photographer. If you don’t have someone you trust, we can offer you serious and reliable professionals with years of experience who can reach you anywhere to make you shine even brighter on your wedding day.


If you already have your own creative wedding photographer why add a photobooth? The photobooth, while always dealing with “photos,” is not so much made for your memories as it is mostly made for guests‘ memories!Photobooth

In fact, they will be the ones to indulge and have fun during the aperitif Or throughout the reception getting snapped up photo of all kinds, with nice and not so nice accessories, which will be printed and they will come to him delivered directly to the site, personalized for your wedding, so you can have an additional keepsake along with the wedding favors and the rest. Our collaborators offer photobooth of all kinds: from the selfie mirror printed through the Volkswagen minibuses set up with all sorts of costumes for the most unusual photos possible, to the newest 360° platforms where what your guests will receive are precisely 360-degree videos of them engaging in the wildest dances. Even theaudio guestbook! A real treat that will make your wedding unforgettable!


The arrival of the bride(s) at the ceremony, whether religious or civil, involves a movie-worthy entrance. That is why many couples consider the option of wedding car rental with driver, whether it is with luxury cars or classic cars, as a viable option.

Car rental with driver The conveniences of renting a wedding car are many, ranging from being able to sit at least for a day in the car of one’s dreams to not being late because these cars have licenses for express lanes and limited traffic zones, through being able to arrange transportation for multiple people (e.g., elderly relatives, witnesses, foreign guests who do not have cars, etc.) facilitating the logistics of the wedding itself.
Aside from luxury sedan cars and vans, our partners offer classic cars of all kinds: Fiat 500 convertibles, Fiat 1100s, Beetle convertibles, Morris Minor convertibles, Volkswagen minivans, and even more iconic vehicles such as the white Ape Calessino and the legendary Vespa, even in sidecar versions!
So if you are thinking of wanting vintage or luxury cars or are even considering a wedding Vespa rental, we have all possible solutions for you.


What marriage would be without music? One thing you definitely cannot miss in a wedding is musical entertainment, and the scene offers solutions for all tastes! wedding music

DJ. The straightforward choice for those who want to have the music of the heart at their wedding, the everyday soundtrack and maybe the tunes you go dancing to on the weekend. Not only this, however: a DJ can also entertain guests during the aperitif or, for karaoke fans, organize a “singing” moment for all guests, perhaps associating a game show with prizes! The DJ then is also the go-to choice for after dinner, when it’s time to get busy working off those excess calories!

Live music. For those who enjoy live music, we have various types of professionals available: from duets to multi-piece bands, as well as cover bands of all kinds. Do you like classic rock? We have it. Do you like Italian music? Also. Are you nostalgic for the cartoon theme songs of our childhood? We also have this! Choosing a live music band also means giving your wedding a certain mood, and moreover, you will be sure to have everything you need for your guests’ speeches–the microphone is open!

Classical and Vintage. Whether DJ or Live band, one idea many couples have is to feature their wedding with regard to the music aspect as well. Classical and vintage music professionals are the epitome of elegance, and no guest of yours will be able to forget the time a team of violinists appeared at your wedding out of nowhere with a play of lights and smoke, or the time they went wild to the beat of a vintage band that took them back to the 1950s with all the wildest rock of that era. Try it to believe it!


The most important flowers in a wedding are definitely those in the bouquet, but if for these we recommend the uncut bouquets of
Unusual Bouquet
, the rest of the arrangement can also be made with real flowers (or if you prefer to have an entirely noncut arrangement here as well, ask Unusual Bouquet)


The wedding setup is then not only about flowers, but depending on the theme there can be props, furniture, containers for confetti, displays for favors, lights and whatever else… there is a whole world of customization available!


When we prepare our wedding guest list, we are sure to make sure that our closest friends, most valued colleagues, and of course our family–including our 4-legged family–are present! However, it is not always easy to handle our furry friends while we are in the throes of the celebration, so if we do not want to leave them away from us for a whole day a good idea is to bring a dog sitter to the wedding.

The cost of a dog sitter for a wedding varies depending on the number of dogs you would like with you, their special needs, if any, and also whether you prefer the dog sitter to pick them up for you already from home or wait for you at the venue. In the economy of a wedding it may seem superfluous to add a dog walker for cost, but having your best friend with you on your wedding day is priceless!


The to-do list for planning a wedding is not over yet, but we don’t want to bore you!

Other wedding services

Not sure where to start?

Don’t be afraid, we know there are many things to do. Contact us from the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a brief phone chat and study your wedding needs. After this Consultation we will provide you with a list of the professionals best suited for you, complete with a quote, so you can choose who you are most convinced of and hire them for your wedding. The Consultation is free of charge for those who have already chosen photographers from our
for your wedding.

Remember that your wedding is a celebration and you don’t need to stress more than you have to: rely on us and let us take some of the burden off your shoulders: planning your wedding will definitely be easier!

To take advantage of our Free Consultation, you must have engaged one of our photographers for your wedding. If you have not yet found a professional photographer or a videomaker For your wedding, take a look at our work e contact us today, you may be on your way to planning the wedding of your dreams with minimal effort and maximum savings!

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