Wedding and Family Photographer, do you want to see the photos?

Wedding and Family Photographer, Rome: Francesco Russotto
Family shooting photo shoot in Rome

Photo shoot for children and families: Maurizio and Carlotta


I advise you to look at the photos by activating the sound track below.

The photos inside the playground

Here we are at the family shooting of Maurizio and Carlotta. The service is a thought from Maurizio’s mother for her birthday.
We have chosen this beautiful park as a location.
The weather is not the best, as usual … Will I ever get the right light 🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting Carlotta a few years ago, because she gave me one of my own photography course at Maurizio. Carlotta is a very creative person and at my request “bring something cheerful for the family photo shoot”, she surprised me with 2 suitcases and two bags full of objects. It literally left me speechless !!! True Maurizio? 🙂

Of course, I have to finish the family presentation …

She is Gaia, the eldest daughter, then Giulia comes.

And finally, the prince of the house: Lorenzo.

After having skimmed and placed some objects, we start the shooting.

For those who do my job, they know that managing 5 people is not easy. It is also not easy for parents to manage children. But the two of them, they do it great !!

We begin to gain confidence.

… caught the model 🙂

Being a parent is one of the most difficult things that life offers you, but also one of the most beautiful.

Home Made!

The first of 5 balloons that goes away … A classic …

… lovebirds.

Let’s play a bit and I begin to understand the different characters …

We like this trunk ..

A few black and white photos.

The king and the two princesses …

It looks like a scene from a well-known movie …

Short break…

… when he leaves, Lorenzo is a train !!!

In certain views, this park looks like an Irish green …

Let’s play with soap bubbles.

Lorenzo, fly .

They keep playing.

A little pampering …

The light is going out, and the little ones are starting to feel tired.

…It’s time to go.

Say hello to this beautiful family with this photo!

it was a pleasure to spend time with you.
I hope you enjoyed this preview.
I wish you a world of good!

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Wedding and Family Photographer

Wedding and Family Photographer. Family Shooting in Rome.

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