Premaman Maternity winter photos Rome: Francesco Russotto
Creative reportage style photo shoot

Photo Shoot Children and Families : Massimo, Chiara and Matilde


I advise you to look at the photos by activating the sound track below. Song dedicated to our Orlando !!!

The photos of the weekend

It is with great pleasure that I show you the photos of the prenatal service of Chiara and Massimo, one of my very first newlywed couples with whom I had the pleasure of taking an important photographic journey: pre-wedding, wedding and maternity.
For their shooting they chose a winter weekend in the Viterbo area.

It is a more full-bodied service than usual. We decided to go freewheeling, without particular constraints or premeditations.

So let’s start with a grove, it’s quite cold, but the sun helps us.

Do you remember them, yes?

How can we forget 2 smiles like this?

Always cheerful and smiling.

We are also here to pay homage to the future birth.

Chiara is radiant!

Which is called: Matilde.

Massimo is the usual “romantic”, right Chiara? 🙂

They joke and have fun.

The sun is going away.

We take advantage of the last glimpse of light.

They keep playing …

Massimo ate a little too much 🙂

It’s time to go 🙂

Small break, then go out in the evening to visit Viterbo and the Christmas market.

I must say that there are a few people …

Let’s start tasting some street food.

Home of Santa Claus, of the Elves and whoever has more. more put!

For today, we can be satisfied.

Returning to the B&B, we find this work of art.

BUT obviously before going to bed, we could not leave out these two shots!

The next day, we had to do a more “scenic” tour, but we opted for the Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo.
Massimo and Chiara had never been there.

We make tourists.

The symbol of this wood, with a small variant !! Ahahah…

We have not forgotten about Matilde …

Massimo is super in love with his women!

Two photo models !!

Evening is falling, time to go back …

… but before, we had a few more photos in our heads.

But without forgetting a little healthy pampering 🙂

Now we can go home happy about the wonderful weekend spent together.

Chiara and Massimo, thank you for sharing these 2 days with me.
I can’t wait to see your Matilde and to tell you one more time, maybe with a nice family shooting !!
I wish you a world of good!

Maternity Prenatal winter photos

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