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Carlo and Chiara , Florence engagement photographer

Wedding photographer Florence : Francesco Russotto
Location: Florence and Theater The Pergola

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Premarital photographer Florence, April 2016

Here I am to tell the first prenuptial of 2016 made in Florence, the city chosen by my two future spouses, Carlo and Chiara.
Traveling by train with Italo it was quite calm and fast.

As soon as I arrive at the station, I take the opportunity to take some shots …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0001.jpg


I meet the future spouses and we immediately begin to break the ice with the first shots …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0002.jpg


Photographing in cities is always very difficult … There are many reasons for distraction and confusion.
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0003.jpg


Everything is going well, we take our walk without any problem.
Florence is less chaotic than Rome .
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0004.jpg


The inevitable Old Bridge , one of the thousand reasons why millions of lovers visit Florence …Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0006.jpg
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0005.jpg

Wedding Photographer Firenze


We continue on foot through the streets of the center, led by Carlo who also proves to be an excellent tour guide 🙂
Wedding photographer rome


… always trying to face the shooting with a healthy dose of lightness.
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0008.jpg

Wedding photographer rome

Moments of preparation …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0010.jpg



We continue to walk and talk about Florence in less crowded places (practically impossible) … Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0011.jpg

Wedding Photographer Firenze


This and other photos that I will not publish, end this first part of the engagement …
Florence deserves 2 full days of shooting … But our time is limited.
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0012.jpg


The second part of the shooting is inside the wonderful Pergola Theater, a truly magical place.
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0013.jpg


I wanted to start this part of the shooting as if we wanted to represent the entry into another dimension.
An ancient place full of life …Wedding photographer rome

Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0014.jpgWedding Photographer Rome Florence_0015.jpg


My future spouses were immediately at the height of the situation …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0016.jpg


This is one of my favorite photos …
Wedding photographer rome


Always with the right amount of lightness …
Wedding photographer rome


Carlo, told me some stories of “presences” inside the theater and as if by magic some stage masks appeared.
I could not resist…Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0018.jpg


After the little scary parenthesis, let’s go back to healthy romance …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0019.jpg


… more and more romantic …
Wedding Photographer Firenze


This theater really left me speechless … majestic and imperial.Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0022.jpg


I took some shots, thinking about posters … The color treatment, in part, reminds you …
Wedding Photographer Firenze

Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0024.jpg


Break time, perfect to take advantage of it and enjoy the stage for a while.
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0025.jpg


Unexpected noises, scare my spouses … But … everything is ok 🙂
We can continue with the cuddles inside some abandoned scenographies.
Wedding photographer rome



Finally, of course, the SAVE THE DATE sweetest that has ever happened to me … Written on a Sacher cake
Wedding Photographer Firenze


And of course, after all this work 🙂 A little healthy relaxation …
Wedding Photographer Rome Florence_0029.jpg

What about these two future newlyweds of mine !?
Right from the start, I felt comfortable with them.
As almost always happens, people do not like to be photographed and there is always a certain margin of embarrassment when the photographer arrives.
The important thing, as I always say, is to take the shooting with the right amount of lightness.
With Carlo and Chiara, we had fun, we visited magical places and I hope I have given them a beautiful, funny and heartfelt memory.
You are two beautiful people, I wish you a world of good.

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