Engagement Country


Premarital photo reportage : Francesco Russotto

Engagement country is pre-wedding photographic services : Alessandro and Rossella

Location: Bluemoon Equestrian Center

Today I present to you the pre-wedding photo shoot in style country by Alessandro and Rossella. The choice of the country style was not casual or dictated only by aesthetic sympathy.
America, in a sense, played a fundamental positive role in this married couple. Reason why, we decided to represent their engagement with something reminiscent of the United States 🙂

Engagement country_0010.jpg


And what better place than an equestrian center?
Engagement country_0001.jpg


Here they are, let’s start with them …
Engagement country_0017.jpg


The first shots are always the moments when there is a bit of embarrassment and where you have to coordinate a minimum … I have a lot of fun in these moments …
Engagement country_0002.jpg


The first photographic embrace …
Engagement country_0005.jpg


This is followed by the first kiss 🙂


Let’s start moving a little higher …
Engagement country_0006.jpg


Hugs and laughter, my mood.
Engagement country_0004.jpg


Alessandro is fully in the role .. Ehehe …
Engagement country.jpg


Engagement country_0007.jpg


Engagement country_0011.jpg


We’re having fun…
Engagement country_0013.jpg


We keep walking, the equestrian center is very large.
Engagement country_0009.jpg


The light changes often, it’s a beautiful day with only one sharp and pungent, but on the horizon of the clouds and the weather was overcast.
Engagement country_0012.jpg


There are also indoor spaces …
Engagement country_0014.jpg



… the stables …
Engagement country_0016.jpg


General rehearsal with the American flag !!!
Engagement country_0025.jpg


Small break. I meet “Notte”, a dog with wonderful eyes !!
Engagement country_0019.jpg


And finally I meet Lady, the mare that my two newlyweds take to pasture. Powerful and wonderfully docile animal.
Engagement country_0022.jpg


Rossella struggling with the human-animal relationship 🙂


Everything is going well.


Engagement country_0020.jpg


Teneroni …

Let’s leave Lady …

Engagement country_0024.jpg


What do you do a shot against the light you do not !?
Engagement country_0026.jpg



The clouds are starting to be threatening …
Engagement country_0028.jpg


And the light is now at an end … But we still manage to take a few more shots.


Engagement country_0029.jpg


… using some other gadgets!
Engagement country_0030.jpg


Engagement country_0031.jpg


Ah, I forgot (joke), the SAVE THE DATE of my future newlyweds!
Engagement country_0018.jpg


As usual, I thank the guys for sharing with me this afternoon.
I had a lot of fun.
See you at your wedding!


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