Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata , Rome: Francesco Russotto
Wedding photo shoot in Rome
Wedding photographer : Alessandro and Laura

Location: Casale Campovecchio



The photos of the preparation of the spouses at the Castelli Romani

Here we are at wedding photo shoot by Alessandro and Laura made between Velletri is Grottaferrata , in the Roman castles.
Very hot and sunny day which however (forecast in hand) could change drastically in a few hours.

Despite the Wind Tre, due to a national blackout, it abandoned me on the way. I arrived a few minutes early in the house of the couple.







As agreed, we begin with the preparation of the groom who has chosen his study / laboratory as a room. I cannot help but appreciate all the material present inside and outside the laboratory.



And yes, because Alessandro is an artist, painter / sculptor etc, etc … From now on we will call him “Maestro” 🙂






Alessandro is calm and well disposed, even if the heat doesn’t help us much 🙂



Relaxing cigarette for both of us.




Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata




There is really a lot of matter around …



Let’s start with the tie.
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata




But that doesn’t satisfy us, so Alessandro goes out to look for a mirror.



We continue the preparation.
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata









Giacca !
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata



Smile stolen!



Yes I know, we had to do it …



We go out a bit to get some (warm) air.




A few shots, very fast given the intense heat!












… it’s time to enter the house, to visit the bride.



Alessandro is struggling with the tie!






Laura, the bride, is in full hair and makeup. Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






Laura is also a very good food photographer. So, today I feel under observation 🙂
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






Divided by a wall.



Alessandro is helped with the flower.






The father of the groom.






…the hands.
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






A Penny for your thoughts.






E’ ora di indossare il vestito.






… the mother of the bride.



Minor inconveniences …



… that we will soon overcome, right?!?!? 🙂
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






…come on come on come on !






We are at the shoes.



Done !!! Ready!
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata









We get in the car to reach the groom.












Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata


The civil ceremony in the municipality of Velletri

Actually, we arrive a little early … Alessandro inside is checking that everything is ready.
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata



The bride arrives and waits outside for a while …



Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata





Ci siamo !
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






The ritual begins and finally Alessandro and Laura are husband and wife!






Super quick exit!
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata



The weather is getting worse unfortunately!



On the fly we get into the car to reach the location and take some photos before it rains!


The walk inside Casale Campovecchio

We arrive at the location and at the same time it starts to rain.




We take shelter under the place where the dinner will take place and take some shots.



Everything is set up very well.







The bridegroom prays for the Most High to be gracious …



Thus begins a very personal dialogue!



The bride watches him …
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






Raining outside….



… but we play the same!
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata






But it seems that Alexander’s requests have their effect!



Even a little sun comes out!
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata



We take advantage of it now!









The light, it goes down fast!






We move near the church!



But before we get there, let’s take some shots!






Alessandro rings the bell and continues his dialogue with the highest!









It’s time for us to reach the guests!

Discover the photos taken in the location during the party

Suggestive landscapes.

The buffet is almost ready!

Meanwhile, the newlyweds and guests are entertained with a quick aperitif.

Here we are, the danger of rain has escaped … the buffet can be opened!

Everything is going in the best way!

It’s time to enter the room!

The bride and groom make their entrance!

Impeccable toast and dinner!

The evening continues serene inside …

…is out.

The dessert buffet is ready!

The ground cake cut too!
Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata

The evening continues serene.

Between dances and pampering.

Even the launch of the bouquet!

I greet the newlyweds with this photo.

Alessandro and Laura,
I am happy to have been able to tell your wedding.
You are two special people.
I wish you a world of good!

Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata

Casale Campovecchio Grottaferrata, wedding photographer of Alessandro and Lavinia. Fotoreportage di matrimonio a Roma.


Francesco Russotto Wedding Photographer

Francesco Russotto

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