Casale 500 Wedding , Rome: Francesco Russotto
Civil wedding photo shoot in Rome
Wedding photographer Rome : Francesco Russotto
Wedding of Rachele and Ernesto

Location: Casale 500


I advise you to look at the photos by activating the sound track below.


Photos of the bride and groom’s preparation in the farmhouse

Casale 500 Wedding. Here we are finally at the service of Rachele and Ernesto, a couple that intrigued me from the beginning. Theirs was a very special wedding. Let’s start by saying that in the beginning they celebrated the baptism of their beautiful daughter Anita and that all the guests expected a baptism and not a wedding …




So, we arrive at the location after having celebrated the baptism in the church and making everyone think that we will be celebrating a baptism and not a wedding.



The rooms in the farmhouse are very beautiful.







The bride and groom greet each other before getting dressed πŸ™‚
Farmhouse 500 MAtrimonio





Below everything is ready for the civil ceremony.










I do a little ping pong between the bride and the groom.
Casale 500 Wedding







Which fortunately are in two adjacent rooms!








Ernesto, tell his family that a wedding will be celebrated!
Casale 500 Wedding




The emotion is great!




Meanwhile, he must continue to prepare!




The tie in tone with the bride’s dress. It is the first time that Ernesto sees her, it was a surprise for him too!
















The mother of the groom goes down to join the guests!



Casale 500 Wedding



The groom peeks out the window.







Final touches from his friend who will also be the celebrant!
Casale 500 Wedding




Meanwhile Rachele must also find time to be a mother.










… and it is not the only one.








The groom is ready!











The time has come for the bride to wear the dress too.




The bride is helped by the bridesmaids.













Casale 500 Wedding











We are almost there πŸ™‚

The civil ceremony inside Casale 500

Meanwhile, the groom makes his entrance with his mother.
Farmhouse 500 MAtrimonio






By now all the guests have understood that a wedding will also be celebrated.




Here is the little birthday girl.




The bride’s dad is ready.



The bride is coming.






Farmhouse 500 MAtrimonio



Casale 500 Wedding








Farmhouse 500 MAtrimonio










The surprises are not over. Now I will have to declare their witnesses.




Moments of strong emotion.













Here they are !
Farmhouse 500 MAtrimonio




Casale 500 Wedding





The ceremony can continue.










The exchange of wedding rings and the promises brought by the princess πŸ™‚
Casale 500 Wedding







The groom begins.
Casale 500 Wedding




… and the bride continues.




Finally Ernesto and Rachele are husband and wife.



After a little unscheduled, the two newlyweds can receive rice!
Casale 500 Wedding







The bride recovers. The guests greet the newlyweds.

The walk in the Casale

Before reaching the guests to open the buffet, the bride and groom want to take some solo shots.
Casale 500 Wedding



Casale 500 Wedding











The outdoor baby park πŸ™‚




Casale 500 Wedding




Let’s play a little with the light.







Casale 500 Wedding

























Casale 500 Wedding







It’s time to go back to the guests.
Casale 500 Wedding

Discover the photos taken in the location during the party

Gli sposi fanno il loro ingresso.
Casale 500 Wedding

Inside and out, everything is in its place.

The newlyweds enjoy a minute of relaxation.

Immediately after, the cake for the little birthday girl.
Casale 500 Wedding

… who is tired. Treasure…

There are many couples with offspring in tow.
Casale 500 Wedding

It’s time to enter the room.

Casale 500 Wedding

Eat the baby first.
Casale 500 Wedding 28

Then, the greats celebrate πŸ™‚

Everything goes in the right direction.

It’s time to make the cake cut.

The whole family.

Casale 500 Wedding 29

It’s time for the dances.

I greet my newlyweds with this photo.

Rachele and Ernesto, yours was a special wedding, full of emotions and sharing.
I am truly honored to have had the privilege of being able to tell it.
I wish you a world of good.

Casale 500 Civil Wedding

Casale 500 Wedding Photographer, Rachele and Ernesto. Fotoreportage di matrimonio a Roma.


Francesco Russotto Wedding Photographer

Francesco Russotto

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My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always been involved in photography and image. I am a styled wedding photographer reportage , based in Rome and work in all Italy . I carry out wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots, promises of marriage, bachelorette and bachelorette parties, in various styles. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy in Reportage style , do not hesitate to contact me to make a free and no obligation appointment. We will have a nice chat, you will get to know me and decide if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding.




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