Fotografo Matrimonio Italo Irlandese : Cristina e Thomas

Location : Villa Grazioli
Rito civile direttamente nella location

PER VEDERE LE FOTO DEL SERVIZIO fotografico a Vindoli nella provincia di Roma, SCORRERE LA PAGINA VERSO IL BASSO.

Vi consiglio di guardare le foto attivando la traccia sonora qui sotto.

Today my work as a wedding photographer takes me back to Castelli Romani, in a location I am particularly fond of: Villa Grazioli.
The couple lives in Ireland. The bride, however, is born in Castelli Romani, while the groom is Irish.
They had to wait a while to get married, because of what happened in the last 3 years …
But in the end they made it and they did it great!


La preparazione di Thomas ai Castelli Romani

It’s a sunny day, with some clouds from time to time.



I make to the groom in perfect timing.



The groom, just showered, decides to get ready outside with me.







His funny dad is here to help him.



Thomas is calm and well disposed, but like me he does not like the heat very much 😉

He will definitely not be helped by shirt, vest and jacket to withstand the heat.



Lucky for him, his friends are there ready to support him…


With just some issues with a best man’s tie, but nothing to worry about 😉




Here comes the jacket.




And the last best men.









Thomas is practically a model 😉



The liveliness of his Irish friends is captivating.



After the first group pictures, Thomas gets some relax waiting for the bride to get ready.



With friends, relatives and best men.










It’s time for me to go to the bride.

La preparazione di Cristina dentro Villa Grazioli

I go up to the suite where the bride is getting ready.






Cristina is lucky enough to have her cousins ​​as hair stylist and make-up artist, which puts her completely at ease.












Just chatting.



Cristina looks at Thomas from above 😉









Almost ready…



It’s time to dress up.



A bit of parfume.










Everybody’s ready!



Cristina has the perfect look!



A bunch of pictures while waiting the ceremony to start.









The bride’s father arrives and will accompany her to Thomas.

Il rito civile direttamente nella location

Thomas makes his entrance.





Everybody’s ready.



Here comes the bride!







The wedding rings.




Cristina and Thomas are now husband and wife!

La foto della passeggiata

Bride and groom going outside the villa.





We take some pictures before the party.
















It’s time to reach the guests.

Le foto del ricevimento

The light fades rapidly…



Dinner starts.



…and the party too.



Time to cut the cake…



…first dances.



A few photos around.


And the unmissable toss of the bouquet.



It’s time for me to go.

What can I say?
I spoke often with Cristina and I got to know her a little. A nice person, sincere and sunny.
I met Thomas on the day of the wedding and I must say that he is a very delicate, sensitive person with two very beautiful and expressive eyes.
Such a beautiful couple!

I wish you a world of good.

Fotografo Matrimonio Italo Irlandese

Fotografo Matrimonio Italo Irlandese. Fotoreportage di matrimonio a Roma e provincia. Rito civile direttamente nella location in stile Reportage.

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Francesco Russotto

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