Rome Wedding Photojournalist

Rome Wedding Photojournalist


The Rome Wedding Photojournalist Francesco Russotto specializes in modern, innovative, creative and colorful Rome photojournalist.

What better background than the Eternal City to create your wedding photo shoot?

Wedding photo reportage in Rome, Latina, Viterbo, Frosinone, the province and all of Italy.

If you are looking for a discreet, creative, innovative and polite photographer, you are in the right place. Look at the wedding photos below.

Wedding photography is my greatest passion. For me, marriage is a magical and unique event, which must also be experienced with a little healthy lightness.

How much does a Rome wedding photojournalist cost

The prices of a wedding photo shoot are variable. This is because no marriage is alike. One of the factors that determines the price is certainly the geographical positioning of the location with respect to the place of the ceremony and dressing.

But in addition to this, certainly the total cost of a wedding photo report is also made up of how many albums you want to make.

Francesco Russotto, Rome Wedding Photographer, is not the photographer of the “package”. Francesco knows well that the cost of the wedding is an important factor and will try to find a level solution for your wedding photos.

Here is some advice and some factors that determine the final price

of a Rome Wedding Photojournalist service

Should you take wedding photos in Rome on the day of the wedding?

I am a wedding photographer and my advice is based on past experiences and aims to make the couple tired and make the envoys wait as little as possible.

Everyone would like to take Rome photos. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What you forget, however, is that the wedding day is an intense day, full of emotions. A very physical day too.

The wedding photo report does not include a long walk, and forced poses. It predicts that everything flows naturally and sincerely.

Reducing the photos of the walk to places adjacent to the church or the location of the reception, is a choice that could save the couple several hours.

If you want and if you can, to treat yourself to more Rome photographs, you could instead create a pre-wedding service in Rome, which can be planned on any day of the week or weekend before the wedding.

Francesco Russotto, whenever possible, creates wedding photo reportage in Rome alone. But if, for example, there are important trips, he must make use of a personal assistant.

Do you also want the video, or just the photos?

Hiring professionals for wedding photo reportage is essential. Often, however, the economic wedding tends to lead the couple to choose the most convenient “package”, often neglecting the quality of the photographer or photographers and of the video.

My advice is that, in case the budget is limited, try to take either the photos or the video of quality. Without compromising on doing both, not quite at the highest level.

How many albums do you want?

Choosing the album for your wedding photos is fundamental and affects the wedding cost.

My advice, to keep the budget a bit, is to do what you can do and even here, don’t compromise on quality, preferring quantity over quantity.


Some services Photojournalist Wedding Rome

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Casale 500 Wedding, Photographer in creative REPORTAGE STYLE in Rome and Province. Civil marriage, without forced poses. Watch the service!

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You are looking for a wedding photojournalist
creative in Rome?

Francesco Russotto_03

My name is Francesco Russotto and I have always worked in the field of photography and image. I am a professional wedding photojournalist based in Rome and its province, who only makes wedding photo shoots. From my point of view, I like to tell the emotions of a unique day full of special moments. Stay close to people, faces, without forced poses, participating in the emotion itself. The wedding photo report is a party, a happy day and as such should be told with the right amount of emotion and participation. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Rome; do not hesitate to contact me.

What They Say About Me

It was an intense day and you managed to capture every mood, every smile and every look. The engagement was a lot of fun, but here you really grasped what happiness is for us. And you did it without saving yourself a second … In the rain, crouched and with an umbrella on the bias … optimistic until the last that the sun would peek out, but NO, our wedding was so beautiful, and it was also beautiful because you were there!
Those who work with passion involve you. Just one more word: thank you!

Francesco … you were able to make us relive every moment of our wedding day in every photo of you … in every stolen glance … all the emotions experienced come back to mind and heart and the memory of our big day!!! Never get tired of seeing your photos I think it’s your winning card … the characteristic of a great professional who with sympathy, competence and carefree … and even with a little patience;) … he managed to put at ease despite the tension and strong emotion.
Happy to have chosen you!
Simply THANK YOU !!!

anything but simple … especially during a day as important as your wedding. But we had a great time with Francesco. He immediately put us at ease and being photographed has become one of the most beautiful and fun moments of the whole day.
We are really delighted with the final result and we hope to be able to use his art again in the future …
If you are looking for originality, taste and refinement, Francesco is really the artist as well as the professional you need.

The best choice we ever made for our big day! Francesco’s creative mind and skill, with his professional yet fun personality, made the whole experience relaxing and amusing! His story-telling captured each precious moment beautifully. From the very first encounter, through the whole process, he’s been extremely precise and reliable. Despite the distance and different time zone, he’s been always available and helpful. We are so lucky to have met him and couldn’t recommend him more! Hope he can write your story too!

Francesco for us has always been “THE Photographer”, because he always knows how to be innovative and original but without losing that centenary tradition that photography can communicate and transmit. Those who rely on him can rest assured that he will receive a unique but above all beautiful photo shoot.
His secret : TALENT.

October 10th was a day that we won’t forget so easily … first of all, it was our wedding day and, secondly, it rained like it hadn’t been for decades, here in Rome. We know that the word “marriage” and the word “rain” in the same sentence are the worst nightmare of any married couple … but whoever chooses Francesco as a photographer has nothing to fear. His talent and his enormous artistic sensitivity, capable of fully describing every soul, allow us to recognize ourselves in small moments of life of which we are unaware and which in his images come out in all their beauty and truth. Even among liters of rain and without spectacular views and scenarios, Francesco has managed to create around us a world of glimpses and gazes that speak of us and for us. We are grateful to him for giving us live and true photos, light years away from the sadness of prepackaged poses. And, perhaps even more important for a rainy day like the one of October 10th, for bringing the sun into our memories. You are a great Fra! With affection and esteem.

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